Friday, July 16, 2021

Chura ke song mera...


That was my first thought when I found out that there is a Chura ke dil mera 20. 

And my next thought was: No.

And then I watched the song. 



It doesn't matter that the music director is the same. 

It doesn't matter that Shilpa Shetty is still in the song.

It doesn't matter that she looks a million times hotter (in spite of that bizarre sari-thingie-whatever-it-is) than in the original. 

It doesn't matter that they steered clear of Neha Kakkar. 

No means no. 

If you had a childhood steeped in Bollywood oldies like mine, full of Kishore and Lata and Rafi melodies, you wouldn't dare to use the word "classic" loosely. You definitely wouldn't use it for songs from the 90s. 


There are some songs that are a part of our childhood, a part of us. Chura ke dil mera was one of them. The other was Pehla nasha. And the fact that I cannot think of any more already tells you how few we had of what I can only call 'hum bechaare gareebon ke classics'. 

And you simply don't touch them. You don't twist them and squash them and add random words and ruin them and stomp on our childhood like that. You simply don't.

(Of course, in later years, we discovered that many, many of our bachpan ke classics were actually not really original but that's a story for another day.)

In case you have not seen/heard this abomination, yeh lo. Hum kyun akele bhugtein?

Ok, now let's talk about the cure. After subjecting my senses and my soul to this, I did what anyone in my shoes would have done. I went for chaar-dhaam ki yatra and ganga snaan by immediately watching the original. Oho aatma ko tab jaakar shanti mili. 

And the most heartwarming part? The comments section was full of people like me who had also immediately gone to the original to seek solace. 

Yeh lo dawaai. Original par bharosa rakho, sab theek ho jaayega. 


Arun said...


Unknown said...


Nice to see you blogging again. Yes it's a crime to spoil classics..


preetiprasad said...

Himmat nahi ho rahi hain to check out the new version.. And jab humaare bachpan ke gaane tak remix hone lage toh somehow it makes me feel that old

Chengiz said...

Oh she's not hotter!
Couldnt stand the song more than 20 seconds. Was there a shot more than two seconds long? Horrendous everything.